For.png "Here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls and... oh actually no, that's somewhere else."
This article is about Zarok as a boss. For the character himself, see Zarok.
But how are you with snakes? Hmm? Do they SCARE you? Big snakes? Find them agreeable, do, we? How about huge MONSTROUS snakes Forty-darling?. How about... MEEEEEE!

– Zarok, MediEvil: Resurrection

The Zarok Serpent is the final boss in MediEvil: Resurrection. He is fought in Zarok's Lair.


The Zarok Serpent attacks Dan by sending out shockwaves and spitting out balls of green goo. Al-Zalam tells Dan to attack his mouth. Doing so will decrease a very small portion of his health. After Zarok swipes with his tail, attack the cage-like end. Zarok's tail swipe is his deadliest attack. Jump over it. Attacking the tail does more damage than attacking his mouth. After you attack the mouth and tail a few more times, you will win the battle.