The Evernight
The Spirits
Zarok's spell book is an ancient book of Black Magic and the main cause of events in the MediEvil.


  • Raising the dead - pg5
  • Putting a town to sleep - pg71
  • Looking good for the over 400s - pg136
  • Robbing people of their free will - pg207
  • Summoning demons - pg268
  • Card tricks - pg298

Known spells

The Evernight

The Evernight, also known as the Spell of Eternal Darkness, was used by Zarok to raise an army of the dead to take over Gallowmere.[1] It was used by Lord Palethorn 500 years later to take over London.



Some time after Dan's death in 1286, Zarok came into possession of this book of Black Magic.[2] Using the spells within, he plunged the land into eternal night, robbed the people of Gallows Town of their souls and brought life to the dead and inanimate.

Daniel can find the spell book lying on a lectern in The Entrance Hall during the final stretch of his journey. However, he can only inspect its contents page.

MediEvil 2

The spell book turns up again in 1878, when Lord Palethorn and Professor Hamilton Kift locate some of its pages within an old tomb in the Hebrides. Palethorn uses it 8 years later in 1886 to bring the dead back to life, but because he's missing some of the book's pages, he doesn't possess full control over the undead.[3] Daniel is awakened by the spell and manages to defeat Palethorn.

In one of the possible endings, Daniel and Kiya travel to an alternate timeline where Palethorn used the spell book to travel back in time and rewrite history, replacing Zarok with himself.[4]

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