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This article is about history of the game world. For real world history, see Real world history.

The timelines on this page outline the history of the world that the MediEvil series takes place in. They are based on information from manuals, books and other in-game references. They also use information from the official websites and promotional materials.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

This timeline is based on real world information (eg. the birth and death of Ramesses II) and dates from MediEvil 2.

c. 1303 B.C.

c. 1232 B.C.

1213 B.C.

  • Kiya is selected to accompany Ramesses on his journey to the afterlife.

c. 1250


  • The people of Gallows Town clamour for a democracy.[MPSP]



  • Zarok returns once again, but unwittingly resurrects Daniel, who eventually defeats him. (MediEvil)


  • Fisherman Phil McCaven caught a Kraken off the coast of Bognor Regis.


  • Many possessions of Ramesses' are recovered from a Tomb at Abu Simbel, including Kiya's tomb and are brought and placed into the Great Museum in Kensington.

c. 1830

c. 1835

c. 1840

c. 1850


  • In December, Lord Palethorn is expelled from the Magic Circle.


  • In January, Lord Palethorn and Professor Hamilton Kift embark on a journey to the North, where they enter a tomb containing some pages of Zarok's spellbook. The tomb starts to collapse as Palethorn takes the pages. He pushes the Professor aside, whose hands are crushed by the closing tomb's door. The professor barely manages to get out alive and returns to London, where he designs mechanical hands for himself.


  • In March, the Professor performs experiments in an attempt to create a fully formed human specimen, but he only manages to re-animate body parts, which mutate into monsters that he is forced to release into London's underground.


  • Palethorn casts a spell that raises the dead, including Daniel once again. Dan teams up with the Professor and Kiya to stop him. However, Kiya is killed by Jack the Ripper. Daniel travels back in time using the Professor’s Time Machine to change this course of events. He saves Kiya and merges with his past self, creating the Super Armour. Eventually, Palethorn is defeated. (MediEvil 2)
    • In the OUTRO ending, Daniel and Kiya return to their eternal slumber together in the Museum.
    • In the CHALLIS ending, Daniel and Kiya travel back in time and wound up in Zarok's Lair, but instead of encountering Zarok, they are met with a Palethorn of another timeline, who used the power of Zarok's spell book to travel back in time and replaced Zarok with himself.[1]


  • Professor Marcus Effington Christy is born.


  • It was believed back in 1886 that by this year, the moon will be a part of the great colonial empire.


  • The "Essays on Popular Delusion and the Madness of the Masses", written by Prof. Marcus Effington Christy are released. Among these delusions is included The Autumn of Death which describes the events of MediEvil 2 as such.


  • Prof. Marcus Effington Christy dies.

This timeline is composed entirely of dates from the Medievil Times promotional newspaper.[2] The contents of this timeline are generally not considered canon due to inconsistencies with other sources. However, non-conflicting information can be used to complement established canon.

74 million years ago

  • An Albertaosaurus is born and/or dies.

72 million years ago

  • A Diplodocus is born and/or dies.

70 million years ago

  • A Centrosaurus is born and/or dies.

66 million years ago

  • A Triceratops is born and/or dies.

c. 114 BC

  • Yama is born and/or dies.

c. 1220

  • Demanoid is born and/or dies.


  • Gangrene is born and/or dies.


  • Zarok returns once again, but unwittingly resurrects Daniel, who eventually defeats him.

c. 1662

  • Plague is born and/or dies.

c. 1666

  • Evil Eye is born and/or dies.

c. 1706

  • Poisone is born and/or dies.

c. 1711

  • Seth is born and/or dies.

c. 1787

  • Evil One is born and/or dies.

c. 1819

  • Penelope Margaret Bryan is born.

c. 1821

  • Harry Bellows is born.

c. 1828

  • Anne Jackson is born.

c. 1830

c. 1834

  • Angelo Bewicke and Earnest Dawson are born.

c. 1836

  • Disaster is born and/or dies.

c. 1838

  • Mrs. Ford is born.

c. 1840

  • Alexander Critchen and Mrs. Crowe are born.

c. 1854

  • Mary Giles is born.

c. 1857

  • Dementia is born and/or dies.


  • April 1: Earnest Dawson, son of the late William Dawson, dies at the age of 52.
  • April 3: Mrs. Crowe dies at her residence at the age of 46.
  • April 5: 4 healthy daughters and a healthy son are born to Warren Denton. Mary Giles, widow of the late Thomas Joseph Simmons, dies at the age of 32.
  • April 6: Alexander Critchen dies of a weak heart, at the age of 46. Anne Jackson, wife of the late Ali Jackson, dies at the age of 58.
  • April 8: Gangrene, Plague and Poisone are resurrected.
  • April 10: Lord Palethorn is arrested and is taken to Brixton Hill lock-up. Harry Bellows dies in shock at the age of 65. Angelo Bewicke dies suddenly at the age of 52. Demanoid is resurrected.
  • April 11: Lord Palethorn is brought before the magistrate, where it is decided that he shall be released on bail at the sum of £20. Dementia is resurrected.
  • April 12: A son is born to Mose Weird. Evil Eye and Evil One are resurrected.
  • April 13: The dearly beloved wife of Francis Ford dies at the age of 48.
  • April 14: Disaster is resurrected.
  • April 15: A son is born to Evelyn Weirder. Penelope Margaret Bryan, daughter of the late Sir Alexander Bryan, dies at the age of 67. Seth is resurrected.
  • April 16: A Centrosaurus is resurrected.
  • April 18: Yama is resurrected.
  • April 19: A Diplodocus, a Triceratops, an Albertaosaurus and Hobo are resurrected.
  • April 20: Mary Swinton is murdered by Jack the Ripper.
  • April 21: The Medievil Times newspaper issue No. 666 is published. Sir Daniel Fortesque is resurrected.

This timeline is based on dates from MediEvil's promotional materials and official website. Retconned by MediEvil 2.




  • Zarok returns once again. Daniel is raised from the dead and defeats Zarok. (MediEvil)

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