Dan, I'm flattered, but perhaps you should be attending to those hungry wolves!

Book, MediEvil

Wolves are enemies found in MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection.


These bloodthirsty four legged carnivores can be found roaming wild around the realm. Such is the legendary ferocity of their gnaw and bite attacks that it would be a sensible behavior to try and get a pre-emptive strike in before they pounce. Eating people is (reputedly) tiring work, and often wolves will be seen sleeping off their exertions. In these cases, a crafty questor may be able to creep quietly past without incurring their wrath, a creative survival technique for all to note.


MediEvil / MediEvil: Resurrection

The wolves are usually found sleeping, which gives Daniel a great advantage. Once they awaken, they are quite dangerous. These wolves can move rather quickly and their attacks are stronger than that of the zombies.


  • In an early incarnation of MediEvil, the wolves were intended to appear in The Graveyard and The Sleeping Village levels, but were removed from the final game release.
  • In reality, wolves avoid people and rarely attack. However, Zarok's spell may have affected them.
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