Alright Dan, you've come a long way. I'd save if I was you!

– Winston, MediEvil 2

Winston is a major protagonist and a supporting character in MediEvil 2.



Winston Chapelmount was a cheeky cockney boy of about 10 years old before he was crossed over to the spirit world. Charming and enthusiastic, he can brighten even the darkest room with his cheery, sweet nature. Unfortunately, he's also a ghost, which limits his involvement in proceedings somewhat. But Winston is all-too happy to help and eagerly joins in with the adventure whenever he feels he can be of use.

MediEvil 2

Winston has been summoned by the Professor to help Dan. You can initiate dialogue with him by walking up to a spectral trail of light and pressing the PSB-X.png button. Winston will offer advice or warn you about impending doom. He's an enthusiastic little fella, but he can often be a little cryptic, so his advice may not be as straightforward as it first seems.


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  • (to Dan) "The Professor asked me to give you this."
  • (to Dan) "Sir Daniel Fortesque, back from the dead once again."




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