GoldCoinsMediEvil.png Treasure (also known as Gold Pieces or Gold Coins) is used to buy ammunition, items or temporary upgrades from Merchant Gargoyles in MediEvil and Resurrection or the Spiv in MediEvil 2. It can be found scattered across various locations in Gallowmere and London, sometimes hidden in secret areas or given from one of the Heroes.

There are two kinds of treasure in the games:



Moneybag (金貨の袋 Kinka no fukuro?) 10G



Chest of Gold (金貨の箱 Kinka no hako?) 50G

Money can also be earned by killing rats and hands. Each kill earns you 1 to 2G. 
(Note: Hands cannot be killed in MediEvil 2, due to the Dan-hand ability)

Related trophy

Sir Moneybags Sir Moneybags
Collect 10,000 gold coins.
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