Poor villagers - the master possesses them.

Information Gargoyle, MediEvil

The Townspeople are the once friendly inhabitants of the Sleeping Village. They were turned into madmen by the evil magic of Zarok.



In 1386, the townspeople of Gallows Town were possessed by Zarok's dark magic and robbed of their souls and free will. When Sir Dan arrived in town, he was warned by a local Information Gargoyle not to kill the villagers, as killing them would have drained the Chalice of Souls of its power. After Zarok's defeat, their souls were returned to them and they subsequently returned to normal.


Fighting the villagers is not an option if one hopes to collect the Chalice of Souls. Stunning them with the Daring Dash is the only way to temporarily incapacitate them without hurting them.

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It's Not Their Fault They're Mad Trophy bronze.png It's Not Their Fault They're Mad
Don't harm the Mad family.



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