• Hey there, huge MediEvil fan here.

    I was wondering where the various MEdiEvil fonts on this wiki were downloaded from, or if they were ripped straight from the games. In particular, I would love to be able to use the general subtitles/text font used heavily in MediEvil I and II. Thanks in advance.


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    • Hey there Kul Katura,

      The font you seek comes from the MediEvil forum, it was made by a guy who goes by "Mortus" on there:

      As for the other fonts, they're stock. The Japanese version of MediEvil uses "Harrington" for the game's title and the original releases use "Ticonderoga". You can find those by just googling around I'm sure. :)

      Hope that helps!

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    • Thanks so much. I can finally put the search to rest. Haha.

      On a side note, I kind of miss some of the classic fonts from these 90s games. MediEvil gets the vibe close enough most of the time, but for example, Crash looks wya off to me without the original, zany font.

      Yes, I am aware that my username includes a typo, but as a child, I always misremembered the dragon's name as Kal, not Kul, so I thought it fitting to carry the tradition. For some reason. I guess it just makes me look like an idiot most of the time. Oh well. I guess I could change it if editing usernames is allowed.


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    • Glad I could help! And no worries, I wrote “Kul” because it’s just ingrained in my head that way, didn’t realise you spelt it differently in your username hehe. ^^

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    • An Adventurer
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