A pie, a pie - my mayorship for a pie.

– The Town Mayor, MediEvil: Resurrection

The Town Mayor is a character in MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. He was voiced by Christopher Kent[1] and Paul Darrow respectively.


MediEvilMediEvil: Resurrection

Daniel first learns of the Mayor from a note in the Sleeping Village, saying he had destroyed the crucifix which is the key to a key. After placing the newly made crucifix in its place in the church, Daniel finds another note from the Mayor in a newly appeared part of the building, where it is revealed he possesses the Shadow Artefact. Daniel meets the Mayor in Gallowmere's asylum where he is being held in a cell. After unlocking it with a rune, the Mayor explains Zarok was the one who put him there and that he left a Dragon gem behind, which he suggests Daniel should take.

In Resurrection, the Town Mayor gives Sir Daniel the Forest Key to unlock the gate of the Enchanted Forest instead.



  • His appearance in MediEvil resembles that of the mayor from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas which served as an inspiration to MediEvil's art style.


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