The Time Machine is a collection of three levels in MediEvil 2. It consists of The Time Machine, The Time Machine, Sewers and The Time Machine, the Ripper.

The Time Machine

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The Time Machine is the first section of The Time Machine level. It is the game's twelfth level.[1]


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Book 1 - Satellite.

In the next few years, giant space beacons will orbit the earth ushering in a new and glorious age of radio-phonic communication. The telephone and the wireless will be made obsolete by the introduction of small hats, that beam the information direct to the brain.

Book 2 - Contact puzzle.

The celestial grammar horn.

In the quest to expand the Empire, the greatest scientific minds have devised the celestial grammar horn.
It will blast out the national anthem to the farthest reaches of outer space.

When the aliens hear such a wonderfully stirring piece they are sure to have no qualms about pledging their allegiance to our glorious Queen Victoria.

Book 3

Moon exhibit.

By the year 1910, the moon will become part of the great colonial empire.
Tourists will go on daytrips, where they will be able to visit the countless gift shops and tea-rooms.
The more intrepid will be able to go on Safari's to hunt various vicious moon beasts that litter its cheesy surface.
For a sneak preview, gaze in wonder at this accurate reconstruction of the lunar world.

Book 4 - Time Machine.

Kift's Amazing Confabulating Chrono-chair.

The Chrono-chair prototype, patented by one Hamilton Kift, is a revolutionary machine that enables a person to part the veils of time and visit either past or future. Imagine all the undiscovered wonders of the world that the machine could show us, if only it worked! The Professor himself says, "Yes unfortunately it's true, everything I've sent through time has always returned, only somewhat runnier than when it left."


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