Gallowmere Historia

The Mystic Maidens are a location and landmark found in Gallowmere. They appear as standing stones with female visages and rune symbols carved into them. They are arranged to form a stone circle.



Virtually nothing is known about the history of the Mystic Maidens. However, it is possible that they were erected by the ancients as they are known to have created the rune stones[1] whose symbols are carved into the Maidens.[2]

MediEvil: Fate's Arrow

The night before the Battle of Gallowmere, Zarok's henchmen Boris and Merek take Sir Dan here to kill him. Their attack is thwarted by the sudden appearance of Lupo who tears them apart.


Daniel lands near the Mystic Maidens after escaping from the Haunted Ruins. He is soon after noticed and chased by the Jabberwocky into the Silver Woods.


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