Some say King Peregrin's castle has seen better days, but the Shadow Demons beg to differ. It's a lot more peaceful without all those pesky humans around.

The Haunted Ruins (ぺリグリン城 Perigurin-jō?) is the eighteenth level of MediEvil. The site was once King Peregrin's castle, but has since fallen into ruin. It has also been taken over by the Shadow Demons.


Walkthrough by Mirrorstar

Notice that you start with a Chalice percentage of 12%. Some farmers are being held captive. That percentage is for them. If they are killed, or you kill them, it will reduce your percentage.

As you walk forward, you soon find the FIRST BOOK.

You will notice to your left there are a bunch of chickens. Chase the chickens to heard them out of their pen and move them forward to a pile of corn. This corn is not far from a drop into a void, which will drain your life meter so be careful.

As the chickens eat up all of that pile of corn, a switch will be revealed. This allows the switch to be lifted so the drawbridge will open for you. Cross over on it.

As you enter the castle, speak with the GARGOYLE on the left wall. You will find a door with a face painted on it, but you cannot go that way yet. Jump up the stairs to the left, but be careful not to fall into the void. This brings you to the SECOND BOOK.

Walk all the way to the left to find the CHAOS RUNE. Be careful not to fall into the void as not everywhere up here is protected by a fence and the wall is old and worn. Then return to the second book.

You can see the farmers below you. You cannot jump over the fence to reach them. Walk to the right a little and you can kill a Shadow Demon. You can also see the ones on guard below you. Keep going to the right until you find an opening in the fence where you can approach the guards. Once you jump down, be prepared to run after the Shadow Demons as they will all run to kill the farmers. There are three guards. Make sure you target the ones in the lead first. Kill them quickly. (I, personally, like to use the Spear to kill them. It is possible to use the Magic Sword as well, but then you have to catch up to them very quickly.)

If you look around the courtyard, near the farmers you find a doorway. In the room, you find hot oil and you find you need a rune. Falling into the oil drains what is in your life meter. Leave this room.

In the courtyard itself, you see two gates and the painted door. They are all closed. Near the gate, which is near the switch in the floor, you find a BAG OF COINS.

At the farmers, each one has a fire under him. Equip the Hammer or Club. Hit each fire three times with the Hammer or Club to put out the fire. When all the fires are out, stand on the switch in the floor so the farmers can drop down and run away from here. Standing on the switch also causes both gates and the painted door to open.

Follow the farmers through the painted door to return to where you fed the chickens. Each one presents you with a chest of coins. So, for three farmers, you get THREE CHESTS OF COINS. (If, for some reason, you do not save all three, you get one less chest of coins for each one that died.)

Cross back over the drawbridge and go through the painted door to return to the courtyard. Go through the gate near the switch in the floor. To the right you find a pool of hot oil and the THIRD BOOK. Falling into the oil drains what is in your life meter.

Go up the steps and up the ramp. This puts you on the outer wall. Go to the left and up the next ramp to find a BAG OF COINS, a BAG OF COINS and the Chalice which you cannot collect until later. Walk down the ramp and continue along the outer wall while being careful not to fall into the void. On the wall you will find an ENERGY VIAL. Walk back and walk down the ramp and down the two steps. Go back through the gate to the courtyard.

Run to the other end of the courtyard and go through that gate. As you enter, be careful as there are three cannons which keep firing. Once beyond the cannons, you find a closed gate, a MERCHANT GARGOYLE, and a stack of crates.

Jump up the stack of crates so you can reach the wall. Then, go to the right to find an ENERGY VIAL and a dead end. Go back and go the other way. You will find another ENERGY VIAL. Keep going along the wall until you can go down some steps.

Not far from the steps is a small stack of crates which you can use to jump up onto the wall. This allows you to reach an ENERGY VIAL and another ENERGY VIAL. Then, drop down off of the wall and you will be at a GARGOYLE. Do not worry about the gate there. Return to the steps where you originally came down into this area.

With the Gargoyle in the distance and in front of you, go to the right. As you walk, take note of a set of stairs, with a red hand near them, to the left. But, keep walking as far as you can. Then, to the left, you should find a chest with a SILVER SHIELD. Return to that set of stairs and walk into the red hand to use the Chaos Rune which opens the gate.

Be careful not to fall into the void. Walk across the wooden bridge while being careful not to be hit with the fire as it will set you on fire. To the left, you will see the FOURTH BOOK.

Then, walk into the entrance to the Throne room. Inside, you will find the FIFTH BOOK.

Approach the throne. The floor will drop out from under you, dropping you into another level. (The floor will only do this once.) Follow the path and do not drop into the void. Once you have a choice of direction, go left and through the doorway.

Be careful of the fires in this room as they can set you on fire. Take KING PEREGRIN'S CROWN. You can also find a BAG OF COINS. Read the SIXTH BOOK.

Leave the room. Walk the path to the right and keep going until you can go through another doorway. Here you find a FOUNTAIN. Walk to the left to exit this room.

This puts you next to the entrance to the Throne room. Go back into the entrance to the Throne Room. Approach the throne again and use King Peregrin's Crown from your inventory to summon him to his throne. Do this only after you are sure you are done exploring.

You will be dumped into a fighting area. If the castle is destroyed with you in it, you will return to this point, though your life meter will be drained. So, in that respect, it is like falling into a void.

Here you can pick up the EARTH RUNE. To the left, you will see a switch. Hit it to start the countdown to the destruction of the castle. You can see the timer in the lower left. When you hit the switch, you will also activate the two, stone Golems.

You cannot hurt the stone Golems with your weapons. You need to use your weapon and you need to walk into the stone Golems to guide the stone Golems close to the upper edge so they can fall into the void. Work on one at a time. The stone Golems can spit a hurtful substance. They turn around easily, so pushing them is not easy. I like to equip the Dragon Armor and use its fire breath to push the stone Golems. You may want to equip a different weapon when you are done.

Once you defeat them, the gate will open on the right, so go that way. Pass the cannons and go through the gate to return to the courtyard. Enter the doorway near where the farmers were being held. Inside that room, walk into the green hand to use the Earth Rune. Exit the room. Go through the gate near the switch in the floor.

Jump up the two steps and run up the two ramps to reach the CHALICE. Run back down the two ramps and the steps. Then, run to the right across where the hot oil used to be, but now is not because you used the Earth Rune. You will find the SEVENTH BOOK.

At the exit, you will find a CHEST OF COINS, another CHEST OF COINS and yet another CHEST OF COINS. After you take them, back up and look for a switch to the right. Hit it to watch the catapult fire a rock. Then, jump onto the end of the catapult so it will fire you over the wall.

Book of Gallowmere


King Peregrin

Wise King Peregrin, they used to say! But seriously, this guy sent his entire army to battle the undead led by... you! Does that sound like someone wise?

Somehow that battle was won (without you), but it didn't really help King Peregrin - he died a few days later after choking on a Brussels sprout. They say his ghost lingers still in the Haunted Ruins, that he paces the halls late at night, coughing up sprout chunks.

I think this story proves beyond a doubt that no one should ever eat Brussels sprouts.

Captive Farmers

Are these good men? Their farmyard toil puts food on the plates of the nation, but at what price? Could mutant pumpkins be the result of forcing innocent pumpkins to consume their fleshy brethren? Does safeguarding one's crops justify deployment of homicidal scarecrows? Who will speak for the wolves?

Save them - or don't - it's up to you.


This featherbrained flock isn't good enough for much - not even Shadow Demon food. Farmers are far more filling.

You may find yourself relying on their dim-wit, but cross that drawbridge when you come to it.

Information Gargoyles

Can you imagine how boring it would be to be a sentient being - wise even - and be stuck permanently to a brick wall? No wonder these guys are grumpy.

They pass time by eavesdropping, gossiping, and bad-mouthing any bizarre looking adventurers that might pass by.

Merchant Gargoyles

Even in medieval times, there were vending machines designed to part a foolish hero from his gold.

Clever customers may qualify for a discount... just don't ask the merchant how he acquires his wares.


Shadow Demons

Some of the most evil, murderous critters ever to blight the land! Thankfully, they were locked away in a hermetically sealed vault by a great hero hundreds of years ago. Don't worry! We're safe! Only a complete fool would ever set them free.

Oh... please tell me you didn't?!

Mace Knights

These brain-dead bodyguards still defend King Peregrin. Don't tell them of his passing - they would be devastated!

Trained in small arms, these knights must throw their weapons, due to their small arms.

Stone Golems

Stone golems were the hottest ticket in castle security, and King Peregrin was one of the first to purchase a pair for protection. Of course, they say you should always skip the first generation of new tech, and when golems started to stomp all and sundry, the manufacturers were forced to issue a full product recall.

Sadly, King Peregrin missed the recall note (on account of being dead), and his golems are still guarding, still stomping...


Many years ago, the foolish sorcerer Mazok the Muddled came into possession of a Dragon Egg. At this same time, Gallowmere was suffering under a terrible famine, and Mazok had been ordered by his king to seek out a magical solution. "If only the kingdom's scrawny chickens could lay eggs the size of a dragon egg," thought Mazok, and he set about applying his questionable skills to transform the egg.

Several days later, the kingdom had been saved! The hatched chicken-dragon - or Jabberwocky as it came to be known - possessed the ferocity of a dragon and the dim wit of a chicken. It rampaged through the kingdom on a murderous spree and killed so many that even the meager harvest was enough to sustain the survivors (as they mourned their loved ones).

The Jabberwocky was finally chased from the land by the hero Dirk Steadfast, who poked it with his magic sword.


Main article: MediEvil books
Book 1

Since the Farmers have been captured by the Shadow Demons the animals here have gone hungry.

Book 2

The Farmers are being held in the courtyard.

At the first sign of trouble the Shadow Demons will sacrifice the captives to the flames. Move quickly, slay the demons on guard and release the farmers.

Book 3

Long ago this was once the majestic Throne room of King Peregrin. Now foul demons stalk the corridors. The spirit of the King must be saddened indeed.

Book 4

Sometimes the ghost of King Peregrin can be seen wandering these halls or sitting mournfully upon his throne. Find his crown and perhaps you can summon him.

Book 5

The castle was constructed on top of a dormant volcano. This great flood gate is all that stands between you and a very hot shower.

Book 6

Hurry - the castle is about to be destroyed! The gates are locked, find an alternative means of travel!

Book 7

Hot scalding Oil! Burn your skeletal toes that will! Better find a way to close the oil vents before crossing.



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