The Graveyard - You wouldn't catch me digging graves in my yard. Spoils the ambience.

The Graveyard is the second level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Me see a DAMP and DISMAL place, fulla mists and suchlike. Either dat, or me crystal BALL needs CLEANIN'. No! Wait! It full of GRAVES! My HEYE is CAPTURED by a magnificent statue. It gazes on a multitude of treasures. She points the way forward for a BONY BWOY such as yerself.

The Voodoo Witch

Dan's Private Journal entry


Zarok apparently is still in the area so I'm up and at 'em. Al's jabbering away in my ear, but my jaw's gone missing so I can't even tell him to put a lid on it.

Found a rather tasty sword and shield. I've still got the old moves, I can tell you! Have at you! Jumpin Jiminy!

Got into a scrap with some zombie chappies. Tried to tell them I was no good to them, what with the old brain having rotted away with the passing of the years, but they were all over me like a cheap tunic. Had to literally fight my way across the Cemetery. So much for my hope that there might be some sort of all-in-this-together camaraderie amongst the undead community.

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