Welcome to the Gallows Gauntlet, a luxurious getaway for criminals. Rides include the Sharpened Pole Slide, the Serpent Coaster, and everyone's favorite: the Rope Swing.

The Gallows Gauntlet (ガローズの絞首台 Garōzu no kōshu-dai?) is the seventeenth level of MediEvil. Judging by the nature of the zombies in this level, the Gallows Gauntlet was a place where Gallowmere's criminals were punished and executed via hanging or impalement. This level was not remade in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Walkthrough by Mirrorstar

You will notice some impaled zombies in the distance. Be careful with them as you have to move close enough to them that they will break themselves free before you can hurt them. In this level, if possible, I like to kill enemies by throwing my Axe from a distance. For the impaled zombies, this may mean running away from them, just after they break free, and then walking just close enough to be in range.

As you walk forward, notice a closed gate to your right which blocks a Merchant Gargoyle. Next, you find the FIRST BOOK on the left.

Continue to find a FOUNTAIN on the left. Then, you will find another closed gate on the right which blocks the Star Rune. You find a third closed gate on the right near the SECOND BOOK. It is hard to see, but this gate blocks a switch in the floor.

Pick up the BAG OF COINS from next to the dragon neck and head, made of stone, on the left. Proceed and find another BAG OF COINS on the ground not far from an exit to this level. This is not the best exit as it will not allow you to advance. Read the THIRD BOOK next to it.

Next, go to the right. As you walk, along the right you will notice a chest with a SILVER SHIELD.

You will then have to go left. You will notice, along the right wall, two gates. One blocks a chest with a skull and crossbones and the other blocks a chest of coins. You then find a gate that needs a rune. You will have to make a left again, so in other words, you make a U-turn. As you continue along, keep your eyes open for an area to the right with two gates. The Chalice is behind one of them and an Energy Vial is behind the other.

You will come to a gate of fire. Do not walk into the fire unprotected as that will set you on fire. Read the FOURTH BOOK.

If you go to the left here, you will return to the exit of this level which you previously saw.

Equip the Dragon Armor and walk through the gate of fire. You may want to equip a different weapon once you are on the other side. You will notice a chest with a skull and crossbones on it. If you go near it, the Serpent of Gallowmere will appear. It is like Kul Katura, only it follows you around trying to hurt you. Next to that chest is a CHEST OF COINS.

You should notice four switches in this room. You stand on them to activate them. The one in the lower left opens the gate with the Energy Vial. The one in the upper left opens the gate with the Merchant Gargoyle, which at the entrance to this level. The one in the upper right opens two gates also near the entrance. They have the Star Rune and the switch. The one in the lower right opens the two gates at the U-turn. They have the chest with the skull and crossbones and the chest of coins. It is possible to stand on all of these switches without waking up the Serpent of Gallowmere.

If you wake the Serpent of Gallowmere, run away from it. If it keeps chasing you, doubling back can sometimes give you more time as it slows down to turn around. It may go away eventually.

Equip the Dragon Armor again and walk back through the gate. With the gate of fire behind you, go to the right. As you walk, you should pass the exit you previous saw, which will be on the right. Go all the way back to where you first entered this area. Then turn and walk back.

Keep looking to your right. Through a raised gate, you will find a MERCHANT GARGOYLE. Continue on and past the Fountain. To your right, behind a raised gate, you will find the STAR RUNE. A little farther ahead, to the right and behind a raised gate, you find a switch. Stand on it to open up the way to the Chalice.

Walk forward until you can go right and then do so. You will have to go left once you reach the U-turn. To the right, behind a raised gate, you find a chest with a skull and crossbones. In it is a time bomb. Walk forward and look to the right for another raised gate where you find a CHEST OF COINS. Then, walk into the yellow hand to use the Star Rune.

Kill enough enemies so that you can collect the Chalice, then leave this room. With where you used the Star Rune in front of you, go to the left. As you are walking, look to the right for a place with two raised gates. One has an ENERGY VIAL. The other has the CHALICE. Return to where you used the Star Rune. Enter that room and exit this level there.

Book of Gallowmere


Merchant Gargoyles

Even in medieval times, there were vending machines designed to part a foolish hero from his gold.

Clever customers may qualify for a discount... just don't ask the merchant how he acquires his wares.


The Condemned

Have no pity for these fools. They were Gallowmere's most heinous criminals, as fearsome in life as they are now in death.

What a world we live in where the guilty execute the innocent!


These slow-moving busybodies are - like - sooo wrapped up in themselves.

Once Gallowmere's elite, they now walk alongside the common corpses..... death brings everybody together!

Serpent of Gallowmere

This mean-spirited snake was always viewed as the lesser serpent sibling. It was always Kul Katura this, and Kul Katura that!

Well, if no one wants to worship him, let there be no worshippers at all!


Main article: MediEvil books
Book 1

Take care not to wake the Serpent of Gallowmere. It is a most powerful supernatural creature that was bound somewhere withing these chasm walls. If you encounter it, RUN!

Book 2

This magical barrier was constructed by the Dragons of old. Only those brave enough to adorn the Dragon Armor may pass through this fiery gate way.

Book 3

The fabled Dragon Armor was forged by Dragons from an age long ago. Seek out any remaining Dragons if you are to claim this mighty armor.

Book 4

Unable to pass through the fiery Dragon Gate? Only use this alternative route if no other is available and return to the map of Gallowmere.

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If It Slithers, I Slays If It Slithers, I Slays
Kill the Serpent of Gallowmere.




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