The Gallows Gauntlet (ガローズの絞首台 Garōzu no kōshu-dai?) is the seventeenth level of MediEvil. Judging by the nature of the zombies in this level, the Gallows Gauntlet was a place where Gallowmere's criminals were punished and executed via hanging or impalement. This level was not remade in MediEvil: Resurrection.



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Book 1

Take care not to wake the Serpent of Gallowmere. It is a most powerful supernatural creature that was bound somewhere withing these chasm walls. If you encounter it, RUN!

Book 2

This magical barrier was constructed by the Dragons of old. Only those brave enough to adorn the Dragon Armor may pass through this fiery gate way.

Book 3

The fabled Dragon Armor was forged by Dragons from an age long ago. Seek out any remaining Dragons if you are to claim this mighty armor.

Book 4

Unable to pass through the fiery Dragon Gate? Only use this alternative route if no other is available and return to the map of Gallowmere.




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