The Enchanted Earth (封印の地 Fūin no ji?) is a level in MediEvil. The Shadow Demon tomb is located here. Although the level becomes accessible after completing the Return to the Graveyard, it cannot be completed without the Shadow Artefact, which can be found in The Sleeping Village level. The Forest Witch resides here and has a quest for Sir Dan to complete.



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Book 1

There used to be a Coven of Witches in the caves beneath Cemetery Hill, the whole forest's never smelt the same since.

Book 2

Like a giant Magpie the Dragon Bird sits upon its hoard of stolen treasures. High above the trees you will find a nest; those Eggs are worth their weight in gold!

Book 3

Keep out! This gate leads to the tomb of the Shadow Demons.

Book 4

Sir Dan you must take the Shadow Demon Talisman!

It is an unholy relic but it may allow you to progress through the Shadow Demon territory.




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