Who dares to enter my lair and wake me from my slumber?

– The Dragon, MediEvil

The Dragon is the keeper of the Dragon Armour and a very heavy sleeper. He's a rather erudite and neurotic dragon (of the Dragon chattering classes). This beastie cannot abide adventurous types, so one should not be too hopeful of a friendly welcome, or indeed a generous send off for that matter.


In MediEvil the dragon can't be hit with melee or projectile weapons since he hides behind the walls of the cave. When he's ready to attack, he sticks out his head and breathes fire towards Dan. There are several platforms around the room. Hitting them with the hammer causes a few rocks to fall from the ceiling. The player has to hit the platform that causes rocks to collapse onto the platform where the Dragon's head currently is in order to deal damage to him. After his defeat, the dragon will proclaim having a headache

and will give Dan the Dragon Armour.

In MediEvil: Resurrection, the way of defeating him is rather similar. When a rock successfully hits the dragon's head the hole from which it was attacking will be covered by the rock, but the rock will be dropped after a while. Once all the holes are covered up, the Dragon will come out of hiding and fight Daniel from a closer range. He has 3 types of attacks:

  • Type 1: Breathes fire at Dan.
  • Type 2: Bites Dan when he gets too close.
  • Type 3: Flaps his wings to push Dan back.

It is recommended to hide behind the surrounding crystals and wait until he is done with his attack.



  • In MediEvil, the Dragon has the lowest amount of health out of all the bosses.
  • The Dragon is one of the several enemies shown to be capable of speaking; the others are the Boiler Guards, the Ghost Ship Captain, the Gargoyles in MediEvil, the Pirate Crew in MediEvil, and the Pirate Officers in MediEvil: Resurrection.
  • He is the only boss in MediEvil who cannot be refought.
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