A great dragon lies somewhere within this cave. But you may want to leave him be. A hero's skull would fit in nicely with his collection.

The Crystal Caves (水晶の洞窟 Suishō no dōkutsu?) is the sixteenth level of MediEvil. This level was replaced by Dragon Island in MediEvil: Resurrection.



Walkthrough by Mirrorstar

Be careful of falling down into the green slime as that will drain what is in your life meter.

As you enter, follow the path. Be aware that some of the Shadow Demons are flying around in this room. Once you come to a choice of directions, notice the Chalice is to the left, but go to the right. At a cave entrance, you will find a GARGOYLE. Speak with it.

As you try to enter the cave, you will see two, large crystals block it. You can smash these open easily. One holds a BAG OF COINS and the other holds an Imp. As you enter the cave, you will see you can go in two possible directions. Go to the right.

Remember you can kill bats, but they do not increase your Chalice percentage.

The next room has another Imp trapped in a crystal as well as a thief Imp which is wandering around the room. (Remember that if an Imp is not holding a torch, it can steal from you. Kill the Imp to retrieve your item if it is stolen.) Go to the left. You will notice a spinning crystal. Beware of its beams. Walk in the same direction it moves, dodging from side to side as necessary, and pick up the BAG OF COINS and the EARTH RUNE. Then, leave this room.

With the room where you found the Earth Rune to your left, go forward. You will find more Imps in crystal, as well as Rhinotaurs. Take note that the Rhinotaurs will free themselves from the crystals if you get close to them. You also will find a chest with a skull and crossbones. Feel free to open it for the time bomb which will kill a couple enemies for you.

Walk up onto the path of gray rock. In a crystal with a Rhinotaur, you find a SILVER SHIELD. Near there, you find a BAG OF COINS. Drop back down onto the tan colored floor. Then, go to the right and go up.

You should enter a room with several levels. Go to the left to pick up a BAG OF COINS. On the next level, to the far right, you will find a FOUNTAIN. Be careful of the thief Imp. On the top level, on the far left, you will find a MERCHANT GARGOYLE. On the far right, you will find the FIRST BOOK.

Walk into the green hand to use the Earth Rune which will open up the gate. In this next room, smash open a crystal to the left to pick up a CHEST OF COINS. You should see a waterfall. Walk into and past it.

This next room has four levels of ground. Mentally, number them from one to four from left to right. You start out on level 1. Read the SECOND BOOK there.

On level 1, you also find a BAG OF COINS, an ENERGY VIAL, a BAG OF COINS, and a CHEST OF COINS. Make a running jump across to the lowest level over on the right to jump to level 4. On level 4, you find a BAG OF COINS. Jump up to level 3 to get a BAG OF COINS, an ENERGY VIAL, a BAG OF COINS, a CHEST OF COINS and the STAR RUNE. Jump up to level 2 to get a BAG OF COINS, a CHEST OF COINS, and a BAG OF COINS. Then, drop back down to level 1.

Equip your Hammer and use it on the ground. Notice the ceiling falls on level 2. This is how you fight the Dragon. You cannot hurt the Dragon with your weapons. You must cause the ceiling to fall on his head.

Hit the ground on level 1 to hit level 2. Hit the ground on level 2 to hit level 3. Hit the ground on level 3 to hit level 4. Hit the ground on level 4 to hit level 1.

On level 1, you should see the face of a Dragon on the wall. Stand in front of it and use the Dragon Gem from your inventory. You will use one. You then have to use the other Dragon Gem from your inventory. This will summon the Dragon.

The Dragon sticks just his head out of the holes on the different levels. He starts on level 2. He moves to level 3, then to level 4, then to level 1, then back to level 2, etc. Use the time in-between his attacks to try to move to an appropriate level so that you can bring the ceiling down onto his head. Be careful of his fire as it sets you on fire and you burn for awhile before the flames go out.

Once you defeat the Dragon, you will see he leaves an object behind. Walk into it to take the DRAGON ARMOR. As he said, it will protect you from fire. This means you can walk through fire. It also means if you are set on fire, if you equip the Dragon Armor, it will put out the fire. It allows you to attack with fire. It cannot be powered up with the Square button. When you equip the Dragon Armor, it will unequip your shield. However, you can still equip your shield.

Return to level 1 and exit. From as you walk through the waterfall, go to the right. This leads you into a room which has monsters trapped in crystals. It also has some bats. As you walk farther into this room, you find a pool of water. Do not fall into it as it will drain what is in your life meter. Walk around it to the left, but do not settle on one spot. You will notice some of the floor sinks as you are on it. Stay on such places long enough and you will be sinking all the way into the pool. Pick up a BAG OF COINS. (To be extra safe, you may want to make walking jumps over those pieces of the floor. They are visibly different from the rest of the floor.) At the exit to the room, make a walking jump to the right to get another BAG OF COINS. Then jump back and enter the next room.

There are more monsters in crystals here and all but the last one free themselves. You find a CHEST OF COINS in a crystal with a Rhinotaur. Walk through this room of crystals and drop down the slide at the end.

You should see the spinning crystal in front of you. Go left and into the next room. Then, go to the right. Walk into the yellow hand to use the Star Rune. The floor should rise so you can cross. (Dropping down onto the floor before it is raised is like dropping into a void.) Kill the enemies here and you should be able to collect the Chalice. Be careful of the thief Imp.

Walk back to where you used the Star Rune. With the Star Rune behind you, walk forward into the next room and go to the right to return to the very first room. Follow the path. When you reach a choice, go to the right and you will find the CHALICE.

Return to where you used the Star Rune. Cross over again and leave this level.

Book of Gallowmere


Information Gargoyles

Can you imagine how boring it would be to be a sentient being - wise even - and be stuck permanently to a brick wall? No wonder these guys are grumpy.

They pass time by eavesdropping, gossiping, and bad-mouthing any bizarre looking adventurers that might pass by.

Merchant Gargoyles

Even in medieval times, there were vending machines designed to part a foolish hero from his gold.

Clever customers may qualify for a discount... just don't ask the merchant how he acquires his wares.



An ill-fated mining expedition by citizens of Mellowmede caused a tragic and brutal retaliation by the Rhinotaurs.

They have since gone into hibernation. Nothing irks them more than being woken up early. And to them, anything before 2 PM is early.


Back in Peregrin's day, Imps were often kept as household servants. Sadly, those were cruel times, and many Imps were treated very poorly by their masters.

Really, it was no surprise when these cunning little creatures formed a secret alliance with Zarok.

On the morning of the Battle of Gallowmere, every last one of King Peregrin's men awoke to find his House Imp gone, and along with them, every last undergarment in the kingdom. Never before had an army's charge been so devastatingly broken before battle had even begun!


They're vampire bats. Actually, they're just bats. But they bite. That's sort of vampirey.


Mean Old Dragon

Perhaps the last remaining dragon? A fearsome, indomitable beast with absolutely no vulnerabilities, apart from that one cranial fracture he sustained from waking up with a start and banging his head on the cave roof. Good thing no one will ever find out about that!

Dragons were once hunted for their blood, which is said to grant the power of fire-breathing. This particular dragon's solitude stems not from fear of hunters, but from his crippling social anxiety.


Main article: MediEvil books
Book 1

Tread softly in these caves for an ill tempered Dragon has a lair here.

Book 2

The mean old Dragon can be summoned by inserting two Dragon Gems into the eye sockets of the relief.
The grouchy Dragon doesn't come out much as he is afraid of the roof collapsing over his head!

Related trophies

Whack-a-wyrm Whack-a-wyrm
Defeat the dragon in the Crystal Caves.
Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself
Get hit by a falling crystal during Dragon battle in Crystal Caves.
Zip Zap Imp Splat
Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning.





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