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Sweet Tooth is a character from Twisted Metal.
He appears alongside Sir Daniel in Hot Shots Golf 2 and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Everybody's Golf 2

See also: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth appears as one of the three unlockable "guest characters" in Hot Shots Golf 2. In order to unlock him, the player must beat him in versus mode.

NOTE: His appearance in this game is based on his appearance in Twisted Metal III.


  • Power: A
  • Control: A
  • Impact: D
  • Spin: E

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

See also: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth appears as a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Marcus Kane had it all - big house, beautiful family, great job serving ice cream to the neighborhood kids. Then something went wrong. Very wrong. When he donned the mask and became Sweet Tooth, there was no going back. Now he carves a path of destruction and desolation, whether in his legendary ice cream truck or on foot. Violence is what he craves, wherever it can be found, and whomever it can be inflicted upon.


  • Machete Massacre - PSB-S.png, PSB-S.png
  • Brutal Shoulder Crush - Forward PSB-S.png
  • Jaw Breaker - Up PSB-S.png
  • Shin Breaker - Down PSB-S.png
  • Aerial Machete Slash - PSB-S.png (Air)
  • Aerial Shoulder Crush - Forward PSB-S.png (Air)
  • Aerial Jaw Breaker - Up PSB-S.png (Air)
  • Shock Wave - Down PSB-S.png (Air)
  • Chainsaw Slaughter - PSB-T.png
  • Death by Shotgun - Forward PSB-T.png
  • Spinning Machete - Up PSB-T.png
  • Blown Ankle - Down PSB-T.png
  • Aerial Chainsaw Slaughter - PSB-T.png (Air)
  • Aerial Death by Shotgun - Forward PSB-T.png (Air)
  • Aerial Spinning Machete - Up PSB-T.png (Air)
  • Aerial Blown Ankle - Down PSB-T.png (Air)
  • Fiery Molotov - Forward PSB-C.png
  • Hellfire Breath - PSB-C.png (Hold), + Left Stick for Aiming
  • Death by Fire - Up PSB-C.png
  • Roadkill Mine Drop - Down PSB-C.png
  • Aerial Fiery Molotov - PSB-C.png (Air)
  • Aerial Hellfire Breath - Forward PSB-C.png (Air)
  • Aerial Death by Fire - Up PSB-C.png (Air)
  • Aerial Roadkill Mine Drop - Down PSB-C.png (Air)
  • Item Pickup R1.png
  • Skull Breaker - Right Analog Stick Forward
  • Human BBQ - Right Analog Stick Up
  • Grave Digger - Right Analog Stick Down
  • TNT Tag - R2.png (Level 1)
  • Death by Missile - R2.png (Level 2)
  • The Rise of Mecha Tooth - R2.png (Level 3)
  • Block L1.png
  • Evade L1.png + Left Analog Stick



SweetTrophy.png Trophy bronze.png Oh Boys and Girls
Complete Arcade Mode with Sweet Tooth
Trophy27.png Trophy bronze.png Calypso’s Wishes
Perform a Level 3 Super with Sweet Tooth on 'Black Rock Stadium'

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