The Gallows Gauntlet is the seventeenth level in MediEvil. Routes for each category are included under the sections below:

Any% & Any% Glitchless

This route is the same for both Any% and Any% Glitchless. It's a very short level. You will already have the Dragon Armour equipped from the previous level. Just through through the Dragon Gate and hit the back right button.

WARNING: Do not go near the chest in the middle and do not hit the other buttons, as this will spawn the Serpent out of the chest, which is extremely damaging to you. If it does come out of the chest (which it seems to magically do anyway?!) you can outrun it. Use the daring dash to get away from it as quickly as possible.

The rune gate is back towards the entrance (you ran past it to get to the gate), you will see it on the left. Then just run to the exit - The rune exit.

This level has two exits. Ignore the non-rune exit. You will see it as you run towards the Dragon Gate on the left.

100% (Glitchless) & Max% (Glitchless)

The chalice needs to be collected. There are no major glitches in the level.

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