The Enchanted Earth is a level in MediEvil. Routes for each category are included under the sections below:


This level contains a major skip. It is the first usage of the inventory glitch and level looping in the run. By using these two glitches, it is possible to skip the boss of the level, the shadow talisman and lifting the shadow artefact in The Sleeping Village.

In terms of level order, for this category only, you will go to this level after Return to the Graveyard as it lets you access Pools of the Ancient Dead and The Lake early which in turn gets you a life bottle and two of the harder levels out of the way early in the run.

The glitch will be explained in the section below as there is actually a number of different loops which exist for different categories.

When the level starts, make your way to the lift and climb it up to reach the second lift - from here consult the Level Loop section. If you have a shield it is useful to defend here as the toads can knock you off the lift / damage you.

Any% Glitchless


100% Glitchless


Max% Glitchless

Level Loop

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