The Ant Caves is a level in MediEvil. It only needs to be completed in the 100% and Max% categories. To get to this level, you must enter The Enchanted Earth and summon the Witch by use of the Witch Talisman. She will then offer you a quest - accept it.


The route for this level involves collecting all the amber and releasing all the fairies. The fairies are all that is required to get the chalice. However, the chicken drumsticks are actually beneficial in the run to defeat enemies which would otherwise take a while to kill e.g. scarecrows and the enemies in The Lake level. So you also need to lift the amber as well (required for Max%, but useful in 100%). The lighting in this level is really low and the ant passages all look the same, so it is really easy to get lost. For that reason, it's best to memorise a route.

Quickest level route.

Boss Fight

The best weapon to use for the Ant Queen is the hammer. When her attack starts, she will summon worker ants and spit at you. All you need to do is avoid the attacks and the ants. Eventually, she will enter a vulnerable state. At this point run up to her and keep jumping and hitting her with the hammer. It is possible to defeat the Ant Queen in one cycle using this method.

MediEvil speedrunning
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