Scarecrow Fields is the sixth level in MediEvil. Routes for each category are included under the sections below:

Any% & Any% Glitchless

Any% and Any% Glitchless use the same route. The machines are killed with the Throwing Daggers and Crossbow respectively. Both use the skip to reach the life bottle.

100% (Glitchless) & Max% (Glitchless)

This level has no glitches so both 100% and Max% categories are the same. The skip is used to reach the Chalice and the Life Bottle.


There is a skip which is used in this level to reach the chalice and the life bottle. This skip is allowed in all categories, as it doesn't abuse any game mechanics, nor is it a glitch.

This skip involves simply jumping over the corn to reach the chalice/life bottle without needing to collect the harvester part to cut a path. There are two locations where this can be attempted.

As you turn the corner of the barn, if you look into the corn, there is a section with a health fountain in it. You must first jump over to there and then over to the chalice/life bottle section. The other location can be found if you continue around from the barn and turn left, to an open area with a scarecrow at the end. You jump from the left at the scarecrow.

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