As with all games, there are different versions of MediEvil based on where in the world they were released. For casual play, this generally doesn't matter, but for a speedrun, the correct version of the game is very important.

There are three versions of MediEvil we will discuss here:

  • PAL - aka Europe and Australia
  • NTSC-U - aka North America
  • NTSC-J - aka Japan.


PAL is the slowest version of MediEvil. This is universal for most games released in the PAL region up to and including the Sixth Generation (PS2/Gamecube/Xbox and earlier consoles). This is because televisions in the PAL region run at 50HZ, while televisions in the NTSC regions run at 60HZ. When we talk about hertz (HZ), we are talking about frame rate and the refresh rate of the television. Most video games in the NTSC regions run at 30fps (frames per second). Games in the PAL regions, however, run at 25fps, as the televisions have a lower refresh rate. The 5 frame per second difference equates to the games being 17% (16.777) slower than their NTSC counterparts.

For this reason, the speedruns are not ran on the PAL version. This hold true for MediEvil 2 as well.

NOTE: We say most PAL games are slower because even though there is a frame rate difference in some games, PAL can actually be faster than the other versions due to the existence of glitches, which may not exist in those versions.


This is the version of the game on which all current World Records were played. It is the fastest version of the game. All speed runs should ideally be carried out on this version. This holds true for MediEvil 2 as well.


NTSC-J is the Japanese version of MediEvil. This version runs at full speed, but all the text boxes cannot be skipped. This therefore wastes time in comparison to the NTSC-U version in which this is possible.

MediEvil speedrunning
MediEvil 2 speedrunning
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