Skewered Men are executed criminals found impaled in The Gallows Gauntlet.

Book of Gallowmere entry

Have no pity for these fools. They were Gallowmere's most heinous criminals, as fearsome in life as they are now in death.

What a world we live in where the guilty execute the innocent!


What's this? It looks like these poor saps were impaled with huge stakes and left to die. Wait a sec... get close enough and these freaks come groaning back to life, snapping their stakes in two and then charging at you, with the sharp half still stuck in their belly. If they get close to you, you're going to take some damage. It's better, if you have the luxury, to stay back and pepper them with a strong projectile, such as the Spear or Magic Longbow.[1]


The Skewered Men are carcasses that hang from large stakes. Once Sir Dan gets close to them, they will break off their stakes and attempt to kill Dan. They attack by charging at Dan to impale him with their makeshift weapons.

While idle, these zombies will attempt to pull the stake out from their torso, to no avail.


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