Severed Hands are zombie hands that could be found frantically running around during the events of 1386 in Gallowmere and 1886 in London.



Sir Dan can encounter these hands after his resurrection in 1386. Smashing a severed hand with a Club or Hammer gives him 1 to 2G.

MediEvil 2

During the Autumn of Death, severed hands make a return to the world. They cannot be smashed by Sir Dan at all, but can be used for the Dan-hand ability instead.

Behind the scenes


According to Tom Saunter, Severed Hands used to deal damage. He compared them to low level enemies, such as the Goombas from the Super Mario series. He attributes the removal of this to himself.[2]

Related trophy

That's Just Mean! That's Just Mean!
Smash a severed hand.



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  2. Facebook-Icon.png "It's true. They were equivalent to goombas or other low level baddies that we simply don't get any more: the one hit kill types. They had basic AI to follow Sir Dan and would pop up rather too often which was a massive pain. And they leached health like nobody's business despite no actual attack power, so really it [removing them] was my duty to the players!"Tom Saunter on Facebook.
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