Oh Scarecrows ALWAYS freak me out. It's the hand-stitched eyes. Lets hurry through the Pumpkin Gorge.

Al-Zalam, MediEvil: Resurrection

Scarecrows are enemies from MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. They can be found in the Scarecrow Fields level.


MediEvil: Resurrection

The scarecrows can turn into a terrifying combat machine at a moments notice, clawed arms rotating like a force ten tornado, and set on crashing into their sorry target with technical precision. If one's general combat skills are suspect it may prove prudent to set them on fire as soon as is possible - well, they are stuffed with dry straw, you do the math!


MediEvil / MediEvil: Resurrection

The scarecrows' attacks are very hard to evade when fighting with melee weapons. They can also release crows from their coats to deal additional damage to Daniel.

However, in MediEvil: Resurrection, the scarecrows aren't as aggressive as in the original.



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