MediEvil: Resurrection

Scarecrow Fields - Prepare to be scared, if you're a crow.

Scarecrow Fields is the sixth level in MediEvil: Resurrection.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Heading through fields towards the home of the Pumpkin Witch. Like a pleasant Sunday stroll really, only with the addition of demonic entities.

Bushwhacked by enchanted haystacks. Was touch and go, with my hayfever and all, but I found the judicious application of a naked flame soon showed them who's boss.

Had a run-in with a huge mechanical imp. Why oh why couldn't it have been a tiny impish mechanic?

Helped a poor farmer repair his crop-cutting machine. By luck, once the contraption got going it revealed a passage through to a secret area! From then on I vowed to help all my fellow citizens - no matter how unwashed and seemingly inbred.

Circular grinding machines bar the way out. Horrendous industrial accident beckoned - but once again Fortesque prevails!


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