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Scarecrow Fields (小麦畑 Komugibata?) is the sixth level in MediEvil. After completion, The Sleeping Village, Pumpkin Gorge and The Enchanted Earth become available.


Walkthrough by iCABALi

Walkthough by Mirrorstar

As you enter, you will find the first book.

Normally, books give good advice. This advice, however, is bad. If you want to fill your Chalice of Souls, you need to kill the scarecrows. To do so, I suggest not standing still and allowing yourself to be a punching bag. Walk or run, while you swing, to dodge. I like to walk in circles around the scarecrow while it is trying to hit me.

Beware of the crows that the scarecrows produce as they can hurt you. You can kill the crows, but they do not count towards your Chalice percentage.

You will find two scarecrows at the start of this area. Then, you will find a haystack. Wait for all the enemies to come out of the haystack. A cart blocks the way here. Stand in front of the cart, face it, and hit it to move the cart out of the way.

Notice that to the left there is a house and the second book.

Walk towards the next haystack. Wait for all the enemies to come out of it. Then, face the campfire. (You can light your Club on the campfire. Using the Square button, you can then set the haystack on fire, but that does not help. You can also set enemies on fire.) From the campfire, go to the left to find a moneybag. From the campfire, go to the right to find an Energy Vial and a Merchant Gargoyle. Stock up on ranged weapons.

Return to the second haystack. You should see an open gate near it. You should also see a metal machine. Enter the gate and go to the right to start the battle. Run between the metal machine's legs so you are at the back of it. You need to use a ranged weapon. I like to use the Crossbow. You will first target the head of the machine, which you can hit from the front or the back. Once the head is destroyed, you will target the machine's operator which you must hit from the back. Inch up behind the machine as you fire so that you stay in range. If it backs up, run all the way back and wait. Then, repeat the process. Pick up the Moon Rune the machine leaves.

Return to the house near the second book and walk into the blue hand to use the Moon Rune. Enter the house. Inside are bats. You can kill them since they will hurt you, but they do not count towards your Chalice percentage. Inside you find the Earth Rune and a Club in the chest. Then, leave this house.

Return to where you fought the metal machine and walk into the green hand to use the Earth Rune. This leads you towards a windmill. Be careful as the blades of the windmill can hurt you, so time your passage well. Behind the windmill you will find a Health Fountain.

Follow the path and you will find two more scarecrows. You will also find a Silver Shield in a chest.

You should see another metal machine. This one is harder than the last one. The head will shoot out fire. You can use your shield to block the fire, but I prefer to move from side to side to avoid it completely. Again, you can target the head from the front or the back, but I prefer the back. Run between its legs so that you can also target the operator of the machine once the head has been destroyed. Stay close enough to the machine so that you are in range to hit it with your ranged weapon. If the machine backs up rapidly and it still has its head, run all the way back and wait for it to move forward.

After you destroy the head, be careful of its legs. While it is walking forward, if you are between its legs, it will spin and hit you. This means that when it backs up all the way, if you are back there, it will spin and hit you. You can safely run between its legs while it is backing up, but then you need to run between its legs while it is moving forward so you can be behind it to hit it. So, either way you will be hit. It is better to kill the operator before this becomes an issue, if possible. Once you have destroyed it, pick up the Chaos Rune.

Walk into the red hand to use the Chaos Rune. Follow the path to the barn. Read the third book there.

Walk to the left and you will find part of the corn field. Do not ever walk into the corn itself. Once in the corn, you will be slowed down. Evil creatures live within the corn. If one of them reaches you, your life meter will be drained. Walk up and then left to find another scarecrow and the fourth book.

Turn around completely and then walk forward. You should come to a haystack. Wait for all the enemies to come out of it. Read the fifth book near it.

Walk up to the chest with the skull and crossbones. Break it open to free Kul Katura. For a limited time, Kul Katura will move around of itself and kill any enemies in its way. It will not harm you, but it cannot be controlled by you.

Walk to the right, onto the path and into the corn, to find a moneybag. Return to the barn.

Stand between the fifth book and the cart, then hit the cart to move it. This clears the way to the entrance of the barn. Two scarecrows are there if Kul Katura did not reach them. Enter the barn to the right.

Inside the barn are some bats. Read the sixth book.

In the upper right area of the barn is a bale. Stand to the right of it and push it all the way to the left by walking into it. Jump onto the bale. Then, jump onto the stack of two crates. Then, jump onto the suspended walkway. Up there, you can get a moneybag as well as a Copper Shield from the chest. Also, hit the lever to lower the Harvester. Leave the barn.

Return to the haystack near the barn. With the haystack on your right, take the first path through the corn on your right. You will see the last haystack in front of you. Wait for all the enemies to come out of it. With the haystack in front of you, at a bit of a distance, go to the left. Go as far as you can. Then go to the left and onto the path in the corn to get an Energy Vial.

Return to the last haystack. With it on your left, walk to the right and onto the path in the corn to get a moneybag. Then, go towards the windmill.

One blade of the windmill is missing. Time running through so that you run through within that gap. You then find the last scarecrow.

Next, you approach several traps. The first has a grinding wheel. If you are caught under it, you will lose what is in your life meter. Feel free to jump into the holes you see within this trap. Run and jump your way through, following behind the grinding wheel, until you can exit to the right.

The second trap has thrusting beams of wood and turning spikes. Walk between two sets of spikes and proceed slowly. If a beam of wood blocks you and a set of spikes is almost upon you, jump over the set of spikes and wait for the beam of wood to move. Follow the movement of the trap so you can exit by going up. You find a Health Fountain before the next trap.

The third trap is a grinder. If you fall into the middle, you will lose what is in your life meter. Push up against the wall of the trap and run as you make your way to the left. The holes in the wall blow out corn to be ground and can blow you to the center if you are walking.

The fourth trap has turning sets of spikes, but they are higher than you are when you are standing on the ground. They will only hit you if you are jumping or standing on one of the obstacles. As you jump over the obstacles, time your jumps to avoid the spikes. It looks like there should be four sets of spikes, but there are only three. That leaves one larger gap which gives you more time for your jump.

The last trap has a moving floor. So, you have to keep walking or jumping on it or you will be pushed backwards. Walk to the center of the trap and run to the right while keeping close to the center. Jump if necessary to avoid the spikes. Ignore the exit to the right. You want the exit at the top. There you will find a Chest of Gold and the Harvester Part.

Go back through all the traps. In the trusting beams trap, as you walk around in the direction of the trap, pick up the moneybag. In the grinding wheel trap, as you follow after the grinding wheel, jump into the hole with the moneybag.

Return to the barn and enter it. Stand behind the Harvester and face it, then enter your inventory and select the Harvester part. Follow the Harvester out of the barn.

You will be at a new path in the corn. A branch of that path leads you to a Health Fountain. At the end of the path, you will find the Chalice of Souls, a Life Bottle, and a Chest of Gold. You also find a Merchant Gargoyle. Do not drop down or you will lose what is in your life meter.

Return to the traps. At the very last trap with the moving floor, exit the trap on the right. Talk to the Information Gargoyle, then leave.

Hall of Heroes

In the upper left, speak with Mister Woden the Mighty. He will give you a Broad Sword. This sword is stronger than your Small Sword. It can be powered up with the PSB-S.png button and it can be Enchanted by the Merchant Gargoyles. The Enchantment is represented by the percentage given with the sword as the Enchantment is not permanent.



Kul Katura

This mighty Spirit wishes to battle alongside Dan, but has been captured by Zarok and sealed within a Chest.

Information Gargoyles

These ugly fellows are often overlooked by all but the wisest of heroes. They do not particularly like Sir Dan, as they know how much of a failure he was when he was alive. Fortunately, Gargoyles can't resist showing of how clever they are and will often give Dan handy hints and clues that can aid him on his quest.

Merchant Gargoyles

These miserable creatures exist only to drain brave heroes of their treasure. However, they must always offer something in return. If you see one of these merchant gargoyles on your travels, see if they have anything to offer that might be of use to you.


Mad Farmers

These undead creatures inhabit the hays of Gallowmere. They are not subtle or crafty, far from it, they just want to spike people with their pitchfork as much (and as quickly) as possible. A few hard hits from a club or hammer should bring them down rather easily.


The scarecrows can turn into a terrifying combat machine at a moments notice, clawed arms rotating like a force ten tornado, and set on crashing into their sorry target with technical precision. If one's general combat skills are suspect it may prove prudent to set them on fire as soon as is possible - well, they are stuffed with dry straw, you do the math!

Mecha Imps

Imps have always had a chip on their shoulder about their less than imposing stature, but surely the creation of 40 span high robot representatives is a bit of an over reaction. The key to bringing these unwieldly creatures down is to dart through their legs and shoot out their metal heads. Once done, the adventurer's focus must switch to the pesky imp operators themselves.

Corn Killers

These maniacal little beasties skulk within the corn fields waiting for the unwary adventurer to enter their domain. Should they detect any intruders, their frightening speed and gleeful ruthlessness will ensure their victim receives a messy and instantaneous death. No one has ever managed to kill a Corn Killer and it's probably best not to try.


Bats are present throughout most of the world, performing vital ecological roles of pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. They also enjoy attacking cowardly skeletons that happen to cross their path.


Weapons and shields






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Information Gargoyle (level finish)

68 Information Gargoyle:
Pumpkin Gorge dead ahead, the nursery to Gallowmere's favourite side dish. Step inside and understand the true horror of fruit gone bad!


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Book 1

The scarecrows are almost unstoppable so don't be a hero! Try trapping them while you make your escape.

Book 2

Beware of mischief makers in metal machines! Who knows what dark sorcery brings their metal limbs to life! It would be good to see the back of such menaces!

Book 3

Kul Katura the Serpent Lord yearns to fight along side you but has been captured by Zarok and scaled within a Chest. Free this mighty Spirit and earn a powerful ally!

Book 4

Death waits in the cornfield. Pick your route carefully and do not linger in the corn.

Book 5

These fields are home to many mad machines, yet the most bizarre of them is housed within this barn.

Book 6

The Corn cutting machine is missing a part. A cog fell off this miracle of modern agriculture and it hasn't worked since.



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