MediEvil: Resurrection

Return to the Graveyard - We went there earlier. If you have reasonable short-term memory you might remember it.

Return to the Graveyard is the fifth level in MediEvil: Resurrection. It's also the second level that features a boss fight.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Home sweet home! Retraced steps to Graveyard to see if I could find a way out into Gallowmere central.

Opened the Glass Demon gate with his key. Cor, there's a whole new area of the Graveyard. Can't help thinking it's slightly nicer than my bit.

Met Death. And no pen for an autograph! Death says I'll need the Anubis Stone. A magic rock they took off Zarok after the last war, broke into 4 pieces, and divvied up amongst the local bigwigs. A completed Anubis stone will allow me to create and rejuvenate my very own undead army, how ruddy smart!

Without such an army I'll not have a hope of destroying Zarok's elite Fazgul bodyguards, so this Anubis stone collection thiny seems rather critical to the success of my quest.

Death reckons a piece of said stone may be nearby, buried with the Mullock Chief.

NOTE TO SELF: Just in case I forget (what with no brain and everything) Death thinks the Pumpkin Witch, Mayor and King Peregrin may have the remaining Anubis stone pieces in their possession.

Paid our last respects at the tomb of Mullock Chieftain, whipped the stony butts of the Wolf Guardians, then said goodbye to the graveyard.


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