Hey mister! Would ye be after helping us sort out of these evil zombie rats that are running about all over the place, like?

Farmer, MediEvil: Resurrection

Rats are harmless critters that can be found in the basements and underground locations of Gallowmere. They are ruled by Rat King Derok.



Rats are encountered in the Pumpkin Serpent and the Sleeping Village. Smashing them will reward Sir Dan with 1 or 2G.

MediEvil 2

Rats are very much the same 500 years later, but will attack Dan when he assumes Dan-hand form.

MediEvil: Resurrection

Smashing rats bears no rewards. They are central to the Lazy Farm mini game Vermin Control.

Behind the scenes


According to Chris Sorrell, the rats in MediEvil were only made squishable two months prior to the game's release, after its lead programmer (who loved rats) left due to creative differences.[1] The rats were also set to appear in The Graveyard level in an older incarnation of MediEvil.



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