Pumpkin Plants are enemies found in all MediEvil games. They can be found in the Pumpkin Gorge in MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection, The Pumpkin Serpent in MediEvil and Kew Gardens in MediEvil 2.


MediEvil 2

These perilous plants spring up from the ground and attack, lashing out at Dan with their long pointed "tongues." For that reason, he'll want to keep his distance and use the throwing Axe to take them out. When a Pumpkin Soldier comes into contact with civilians, it will start to turn them into monsters as well - replacing their heads with pumpkins! Dan will have a limited amount of time to use the Antidote on the victims before they, too, become Pumpkin Soldiers.

MediEvil: Resurrection

Pumpkin plants are truly ferocious fruit. Their infamous spit and tongue attacks have driven fear into the heart of many a shrub gardener. In terms of weapon selection one will find that sharp bladed weapons elicit the juiciest and most satisfying damage.


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