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Ah, well done, Winston, I see you managed to find him after all.

– The Professor, MediEvil 2

Professor Hamilton Kift is a supporting character in MediEvil 2. He can make new, stronger weapons for Dan to use using the power of the Chalices.



The Professor is a mad inventor, keen amateur magician and self-styled "master of the occult". He dedicated his life to science in the hope that he might help mankind achieve a better existence.

At one point he and Palethorn went to Gallowmere to find Zarok's book. But during the expedition, his hands were crushed by a closing door in the tomb where most remains of the spellbook were located and thus replaced them with robot hands.

MediEvil 2

The Professor summons a ghost named Winston to seek out Daniel in the museum and bring him to his lab. Once they meet, he sends Daniel off to where the spell was cast in hopes of finding something to aid them in their search for the culprit. After the professor identifies Palethorn as the one behind the spell, Daniel rescues Kiya and foils Palethorn's plans. Palethorn organizes a boxing match, which forces the professor to build a humanoid creature with Kiya's aid to fight Palethorn's own champion. Once the boxing match is won and Kiya goes missing, the professor allows Daniel to stray from his mission to locate her and possibly save her if she is in danger. Kiya is killed by Jack the Ripper right in front of Daniel, after which Dan refuses to go any further and retreats to the sewers. When he returns, he asks the professor about the time machine. He reveals that it's located in the museum and that he believes it was a failure. He also reveals he lied about not knowing who's behind the spell as he and Palethorn used to be in the occult together. What happens to the professor after the game's ending remains unknown.



The Professor is an old-fashioned figure; he believes in honour, gentlemanly conduct and respect for all. He can, however, be a little single-minded, focussing on the 'big picture' to the total exclusion of all other factors.


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  • He is named after one of the game's main programmers, Martin Hamilton Kift.[2]
  • The Professor seems to be a fan of the Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha, as two of his paintings can be found in the Professor's Lab - La Plume (1889) and Job (1897).
  • An earlier incarnation of the Professor featured him wearing goggles on top of his head. His shirt also sported a lighter tone of green.


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