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You were the one who freed me from my eternal prison? Great warrior, I salute thee. I am forever in your debt.

– Kiya, MediEvil 2

Princess Kiya (c. 1232 B.C. – 1213 B.C.) was the 91st and final consort of Ramesses II. When he died, she was chosen to accompany him into the afterlife. Her tomb was eventually recovered and moved to the British Museum in London. In 1886, she was resurrected when an evil sorcerer known as Lord Palethorn sought to conquer London. She was eventually freed from her tomb by Sir Daniel Fortesque who she joined in the fight against Palethorn.

While on a mission in Whitechapel, Kiya was viciously murdered by The Ripper. This was undone by Sir Dan after he repaired a time machine and travelled back in time to save her. This strengthened their bond and led to them becoming a couple.

After Lord Palethorn's defeat, Dan and Kiya decided to use the time machine to journey through time. However, the time machine malfunctioned, resulting in their separation. Kiya ended up back in Egypt where she fought against a warlock bent on summoning Anubis into the world. Once he was defeated, she asked her high priest to return her to eternal rest, but not before leaving behind some things for her love to find.



According to Chapter 10 of the book Lifestyles of the Pharaohs, Kiya came from abject poverty.[2] At the age of 19, she was selected by the Pharaoh Ramesses to be one of his 200 wives. Fortunately for her, he was very old and died before he was able to consummate the marriage. Unfortunately, she was selected to "accompany" him on his journey to the afterlife as his bride through eternity. In 1817, many of Ramesses' possessions, including the contents of Kiya's tomb, were recovered from a tomb at Abu Simbel and brought to Europe, where they were eventually placed in the Great Museum.[3]

MediEvil 2

Kiya was saved from her tomb in The Museum by Sir Dan while he was looking for clues in Kensington. When she awakened, she was a little startled to discover that she's dead. She fell out of her sarcophagus and was caught by Daniel as she fell. He then took her to The Professor's Lab where Professor Hamilton Kift was able to identify her.

Later, Kiya helped the Professor with building a monster to fight in a match against the Iron Slugger, a boxing robot constructed by the evil Lord Palethorn. The main prize of the match was to be Kiya herself. Daniel managed to win the battle and Kiya thus remained with Dan and the Professor.

When the opportunity presented itself, Kiya insisted on investigating Whitechapel on her own as she was eager to help. Dan was less than thrilled by the idea however and insisted that she shouldn't go since he thought it was too dangerous for her. Kiya decided to go anyway, and did not return from the mission. The Professor sent Dan to search for her. When Daniel finally found her, he saw the Ripper attack her and kill her. Saddened and enraged by the sudden turn of events, Daniel found a way to travel back through time and managed to fight Kiya's killer in order to save her. After the Ripper's defeat, Kiya and Dan shared a passionate kiss. Later, after Palethorn himself was defeated, Dan and Kiya boarded the Time Machine and left London behind.

MediEvil: Fate's Arrow

During their journey through time, Dan and Kiya were separated. With the help of the fairy Noreen, Dan got to see Kiya one last time in her tomb. Kiya left behind a letter for Dan where she detailed her fight against a warlock bent on summoning Anubis to the mortal world. She also left Dan a gift in the form of The Eye of Amon Ra.



Kiya is a blue mummy with long black hair and green eyes. She has bright red lips and dark grey eyeshadow. Her chest, arms, hands and bottom torso is wrapped in bandages, and in artworks and some in-game models show she has bandages on her lower legs and presumably, her feet. She wears brown boots as well as a red navel gem, a gold tiara/headband and matching necklace, and triangular earrings which are obscured by her hair.

During the Iron Slugger fight, she wears bright red shorts over her bandaged area.


Kiya is described as being soft and slowly spoken, enunciating every word as if she was delighted for being able to speak after many years. From what Kift describes her, she is also a bit slow on catching up. She is very respectful towards Dan, calling him a great warrior after he rescued her. She is also eager to explore the world as she states that she does not want to stay imprisoned.


Kiya is knowledgeable in embalming, which helps her and the Professor create Dankenstein. Kiya has also learnt to cross-stitch after returning to her own time.[4]

Behind the scenes


MediEvil 2

Kiya's name during development was Dawn, as in Dawn of the Dead.[5][6] Her final name is most likely based on Kiya, one of the wives of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Fate's Arrow (2003)

Main article: Kiyante

In the 2003 MediEvil 3 Fate's Arrow concept pitch, Kiya was going to be revealed as the evil sorceress Kiyante, Queen of the Withering Sun. She would have aligned herself with Zarok, giving him the Anubis Stone.

In other media

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

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Princess Kiya appears as one of the unlockable minions in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
She is unlocked after reaching Rank 8 with Sir Daniel.


  • (To Kift) "Professor, let me go."
  • (To Dan) "Wait, Sir Fortesq... Dan... You freed me from my Tomb, do not imprison me in another. I wish to see the world, to help in the fight and I will be careful."


MediEvil 2




PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale



Dan finds Kiya's sarcophagus.

  • In artworks, Kiya is shown holding a dagger/knife with her. She strangely does not have it in the game.


^a Kiya's age is given as 19 on MediEvil 2's official website. Subtracting her age from the year of the Pharaoh's death gives us her approximate date of birth.


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