Pools of the Ancient Dead (死者たちの沼 Shisha-tachi no numa?) is the fourteenth level in MediEvil. It is where the Battle of Gallowmere was fought against Zarok, 100 years prior to the events of MediEvil; presumably, it was here where Sir Dan was killed. It has since become inundated with large quantities of water, converting it into a swamp, filled with undead soldiers. Dan talks to the Boat Man here, who says he will take Dan to the sunken town of Mellowmede if Dan brings him eight lost souls.



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Book 1

Weapons are useless against the heavy armour of the knights. Don't let them shove you in the swamp - that mud will never come out.



  • A boss battle against The Swamp Guardian was considered for this level, but the idea never made it past the conceptual stage.


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