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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (プレイステーション オールスター・バトルロイヤル Pureisutēshon Ōrusutā Batoruroiyaru?) is a crossover fighting game developed by SuperBot Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3.

Connection with MediEvil


The gameplay is similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, in which up to four players can battle each other using characters from various Sony franchises such as God of War and MediEvil, as well as third-party franchises like BioShock. There are, however, differences in how opponents are defeated. During the game, players damage other players to receive All-Star Points that build up the Super Bar at the bottom of the screen. Earning enough points allows players to use one of three levels of Super Moves which can be used to defeat opponents and earn points. Arenas are also inspired by various PS games, with some areas mashing up two titles into one.


Kratos FatPrincess ColeMacGrath HeihachiMishima Toro Parappa ColonelRadec BigDaddy NathanDrake SweetToothPSASBR SlyCooper Jak Sackboy Dante Ratchet SpikePSASBR Cole macgrath evil Raiden Nariko Sir daniel

Kat Emmett Isaac Zeus


Name Primary Representation Secondary Representation
Hades God of War Patapon
Metropolis Ratchet & Clank God of War
Dreamscape LittleBIGPlanet Buzz!
Sandover Village Jak and Daxter Hot Shots Golf
Invasion Killzone Ape Escape
Alden's Tower inFamous Sly Cooper
Stowaways Uncharted BioShock
Paris Sly Cooper LittleBIGPlanet
Dojo PaRappa the Rapper Killzone
San Francisco Resistance Ratchet & Clank
Time Station Ape Escape Resistance
Franzea LocoRoco Metal Gear Solid
Columbia Bioshock Twisted Metal
Black Rock Stadium Twisted Metal Jak and Daxter
Fearless Heavenly Sword WipEout
The Graveyard MediEvil The Unfinished Swan

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