The Pirate Crew are the Ghost Ship Captain's loyal men aboard The Ghost Ship. They are spineless sea dogs with a penchant for plundering who never complain, even cleaning the poop deck.[2]



For the most part, these pesky skeletons are indestructible, breaking into bone fragments after three our four hits, only to regroup and attack again. Dash by or avoid them at any cost, and go for the blue coated Officers. Without them to give the orders, the Crew will fall apart... literally.[1]

MediEvil: Resurrection

It is rumored that rations on board the ghost ship were once so paltry that all sailors were forced onto a long-term starvation diet, hence their current emaciated state. Whatever the truth, these bony pirates are nimble and aggressive adversaries, providing a stiff challenge to anyone foolish enough to board their beloved spook ship, be warned.[3]



There are two types of crew members on board the ghost ship that Dan encounters:

  • Crew members that are a part of groups commanded by a pirate officer, most easily distinguishable by the red bandanas with white polka dots on their heads. So long as their officer survives, they will continue to reanimate themselves and pursue their target. The only way to permanently stop them is to kill their commanding officer. If their officer falls in battle, the crewmen apparently panic so hard that they perish in the process.
  • Crew members that seemingly have no commanding officer. They come back from being dispatched by Dan after a while.


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