Mullocks are a race of beings that live in the sewers under London in 1886, although they likely used to live on the surface back in the 13th century.[a] After finding a statue of Sir Dan, they come to worship him as their God, the "great one eye".

At first, Mullocks serve as allies to Dan, but they later become Dan's adversaries. They can be found in The Sewers and The Time Machine levels in MediEvil 2.


A mural depicting the Mullocks fighting the Octomators.


They regard Fortesque as their God and their King asks him to save their women from the monster that took them.

Friendship is a fleeting thing, however, which is easily broken - especially by stealing their Time Stone! Once you've tried to take it, they will stab at you with their spears. You can't kill them, nor do you want to, so use your Sword to temporarily knock them senseless.


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^a Though no living Mullocks appear in MediEvil: Resurrection, a piece of the Anubis Stone can be found in the Mullock Chief's burial site.

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