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This article is about character from MediEvil 2. For character from MediEvil: Resurrection, see Mullock Chief.

Is it true, the great one eye has come to save us?

– Mullock King, MediEvil 2

The Mullock King is a character from MediEvil 2 that appears in The Sewers and The Time Machine levels.


MediEvil 2

The Mullock King is the ruler of the Mullocks living in London's sewers. Upon encountering Sir Dan, he asks him to find all five Mullock Girls who were kidnapped by an evil monster. Afterwards, he transports Dan to the water's edge where he rewards him with two chests and a way out of the sewers.


  • (to Dan) "Well great one, you see we were once a happy tribe singing and dancing. That was until the great beasts came and lured away all our women. Now the only song we sing is a sad one. We have lost the taste for the battle and the will to live. Great god, can you restore our women to us? If you can, you will be well rewarded."


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