Poor villagers - the master possesses them.

Gargoyle, MediEvil

Mrs. Mad is an enemy from MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. They can be found in The Sleeping Village level.


This frumpy gal is a surprisingly fearsome opponent. Enchantment seems to have multiplied her strength tenfold and being smacked forcefully in the face with a frying pan is never a pleasant experience.


MediEvil / MediEvil: Resurrection

Mrs. Mad is possessed by Zarok's dark magic. Don't kill her, because that will drain the Chalice. Stun her with the Daring Dash instead.

In Resurrection, as with Mr. Mad and Nellie Mad, if Daniel approaches her after stunning her with the Daring Dash, Mrs. Mad comes back to her senses and attacks him.

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It's Not Their Fault They're Mad Trophy bronze.png It's Not Their Fault They're Mad
Don't harm the Mad family.


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