Gallowmere Historia
Gallowmere Historia

Hello stranger! What can I sell you today? Nice bit-a schmutter?

– Merchant Gargoyle, MediEvil: Resurrection

Merchant Gargoyles (also known as Shop Gargoyles) are the greedy brethren of Information Gargoyles. They provide various services to the question adventurer and are known for dealing with the sticky-fingered Imps.


In MediEvil, Sir Daniel can buy ammunition for ranged weapons, an enchantment for his broad sword, or have his golden shield repaired by these creatures. They can also sell Daniel weapons that had been stolen from him by thieving imps.

Service Amount Price
Enchant Sword 100% 100G
Repair Gold Shield 100 120G

Item Amount Price
Throwing Daggers 50 40G
Crossbow Bolts 50 80G
Standard Arrows 50 60G
Flaming Arrows 25 80G
Magical Arrows 10 100G
Spears 10 100G
Lightning* 25% 150G

Item Price
Small Sword 600G
Broad Sword 1200G
Magic Sword 4000G
Axe 1600G
Crossbow 1400G
Chicken Drumstick 200G
Longbow 2000G
Lightning 3000G
Hammer 1600G
Flaming Longbow 2400G
Magic Longbow 3000G

*Japanese version only.

MediEvil: Resurrection

In MediEvil: Resurrection, Merchant Gargoyles can also repair Dan's copper and silver shields and sell him health vials. They also look the same as the Information Gargoyles, but are red in colour with smaller horns. They are also capable of speech, unlike in the original.

Service Price
Repair Bronze Shield 35 GC
Repair Silver Shield 65 GC
Repair Gold Shield 100 GC

Amount Item Price
1 Wooden Sword 100 GC
1 Short Sword 100 GC
1 Long Sword 100 GC
1 Hero's Sword 100 GC
1 Magic Sword 100 GC
1 Club 100 GC
1 Warhammer 100 GC
1 Woden's Brand 100 GC
1 Throwing Daggers 100 GC
1 Crossbow 100 GC
1 Hero's Crossbow 100 GC
1 Longbow 100 GC
1 Flaming Longbow 100 GC
1 Magic Longbow 100 GC
1 Battleaxe 100 GC
1 Spear 100 GC
1 Woden's Brand 8 Tokens
10 Throwing Daggers 10 GC
10 Crossbow 15 GC
10 Hero's Crossbow 35 GC
10 Longbow 45 GC
10 Flaming Longbow 65 GC
10 Magic Longbow 80 GC
10 Spear 30 GC
100 Lightning 250 GC
1 Health Vial 50 GC