Gallowmere Historia
Gallowmere Historia

MediEvil II Tip of the Week was a promotion available on Hershey's website from September 18 to October 31. Each week a new tip was posted for a total of seven tips. Free MediEvil II strategy tip cards could also be received by sending four proof-of-purchase labels from various Hershey's products to SONY.[1]


Tip #1

A well charged canestick can handle multiple zombies.

Tip #2

Firing a cannon requires a cannonball and something to ignite it...duh.

Tip #3

Sir Dan's Dash + a Shield helps run past enemies without a scratch.

Tip #4

Make sure to grab the CHALICE! The professor will reward you.

Tip #5

Bearded ladies at the circus hate skeletons in armor with big hammers.

Tip #6

Pesky Imps can be easily dealt with, by a hammer's shockwave.

Tip #7

Dark room + lit torch = Visibility