Crossroads.png "Here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls and... oh actually no, that's somewhere else."
This article is about the comic. For the unrealised game concept that it is based on, see Fate's Arrow (2003).
Some things never die!

MediEvil: Fate's Arrow, also known as MediEvil: The Comic Prequel, is a direct sequel to MediEvil 2 and a prequel to MediEvil. A special animated version of the comic is available as part of the Digital Deluxe edition of the MediEvil remake, while a physical hardback is also available for purchase.

Official description

MediEvil: The Comic Prequel tells the story of Sir Daniel Fortesque after the ending of MediEvil 2. Travelling back in time Sir Dan encounters his original, living self and (re)experiences the events leading up to the legendary battle in which he first lost his life. He must work with some old friends and battle some old foes if he is to save his kingdom and seal his status as the Hero of Gallowmere.

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