Heeeeeeres.... Mr Axey!

– The Mad Axeman, MediEvil: Resurrection

The Mad Axeman (also known as Mr. Axey) is a boss in MediEvil: Resurrection. He can be found in the Inside the Asylum level.


The boss battle is quite easy. If the Mad Axeman's axe is stuck into the floor, attack him with your Broad Sword. But stay back when he's ready to pull his axe out. When half of his health is depleted, he'll start charging after the player; go behind one of the four spiked pillars and the Mad Axeman will crash into it. Repeat this process until the Mad Axeman is defeated.


The Mad Axeman can be summed up quite neatly thus; the brain of a deranged 4 year old in the body of a heavy weight wrestling champ with a fetish for axe murder. This nutter's enthusiasm will likely prove his undoing, as when his axe stuck into the floor after a particularly vicious swipe, the opportunist adventurer has a chance to rush in and hurt him. In order to finish this unhinged lardster off, one must beckon the stampeding Axeman into each of the arena pillars, doing so will gradually brain him until, one hopes, he is is able to chop no more.



  • The Mad Axeman's entrance and character is a reference to The Shining.
  • The Mad Axeman is the only boss in MediEvil: Resurrection to speak during the fight.
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