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This article is about the characters from the MediEvil remake. For the items in MediEvil 2, see Lost Souls (MediEvil 2).

Know that if you release the entrapped souls in this chest, they will need help to be set to rest once again. Assisting these souls would earn one a place in Gallowmere history as, perhaps, the greatest of all its heroes. Is that something you would do, Sir Dan? If you do, history will be yours for the taking.

Book, MediEvil remake

Lost Souls are spirits that appear in the MediEvil remake. A chest containing the Lost Souls is located in the Entrance Hall, and unlocking the chest will release the souls. Thus, the souls are found around the world of Gallowmere. There are a total of 19 Lost Souls.

Known lost souls

Related trophies

Lost and Found Lost and Found
Find all the Lost Souls.
Soul Savior Soul Savior
Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.


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