Life Bottles (ライフボトル?) are collectible items that appear in all MediEvil games. They can hold up an amount of energy equal to the capacity of Daniel's energy meter (300hp in MediEvil and MediEvil 2,100hp in MediEvil: Resurrection). When the energy meter hits 0, all available energy within the life bottles is used up to replenish him. If the meter hits 0 and there's no energy left in the life bottles, the game is over. They are scattered across the land and some are in the possession of heroes. Dan can fill them up by standing in Rejuvenation fountains, using Energy vials or eating Roast Chicken.



  1. Dan's Crypt
  2. The Graveyard
  3. Hall of Heroes - Given by Canny Tim.
  4. Dan's Crypt
  5. Scarecrow Fields
  6. Pools of the Ancient Dead
  7. Hall of Heroes - Given by RavenHooves the Archer.
  8. Hall of Heroes - Given by Dirk Steadfast.
  9. The Time Device

MediEvil 2

  1. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
  2. The Freakshow
  3. Greenwich Observatory
  4. Kew Gardens
  5. Kew Gardens
  6. Dankenstein
  7. Wulfrum Hall
  8. Whitechapel
  9. The Sewers
  10. Cathedral Spires
  11. Cathedral Spires, the Descent

Related trophy

Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Collect every Life Bottle.
Deathly Smorgasbord Deathly Smorgasbord
Die 7 different ways.


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