Free this mighty Spirit and earn a powerful ally!

– Book, MediEvil

Kul Katura the Serpent Lord was a mighty serpent captured and trapped by King Peregrin's men within a Chest in the Scarecrow Fields.[1] He can also be encountered later in the Pools of the Ancient Dead. He also appears inside the Asylum as part of the lost soul Surgeon Sherman's quest. He is the polar opposite of his brother, the Serpent of Gallowmere.


This astral serpent was captured by King Peregrin and imprisoned in a magic chest as he was mistaken for the Serpent of Gallowmere. Once freed, Katura will temporarily follow Dan around - killing any enemies he touches instantly.

Behind the scenes


Originally, Kul Katura was supposed to be summoned by picking up the Serpent Potion rather than opening up a chest.[2] This was eventually changed during the game's development.


Kul Katura in MediEvil.


  • In the original MediEvil, Kul Katura is said to have been trapped in a chest by Zarok. This is changed to be King Peregrin's men in the remake.


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