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From what I can work out, this is the epicentre of the blast. Look around Fortesque, collect as much magic as possible, and see if you can work out who's behind this terrible state of affairs.

– Mission briefing

Kensington is the third level of MediEvil 2. It consists of two sections: Kensington and Kensington, the Tomb.


The Tomb of Abu Simbel is a Consort tomb from ancient Egypt. It houses the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II's 91st and last consort, Princess Kiya. The tomb was discovered and brought to Europe in 1817 where it was entirely rebuilt in The Museum in Kensington.[1][2]

Walkthrough by Mirrorstar

Entering the level you will find the only save point in it.

All these suspended platforms give you a safe way to reach the higher levels of the outside of the tomb. The drop is rather deadly if you miss a jump and painful if you walk off of the edge. (Sometimes, if you run right off of the edge of a platform, you will land safely. Sometimes that doesn't work and you will be hurt.)

To ensure a safe landing, you will need to make running jumps to each of the suspended platforms. Turn your view before each jump so you can best see what you are doing. Once you land on the next platform, make sure you stop pushing on the directional pad so you do not run right off the edge. Once on the last platform, you can walk right off the edge and onto the tomb.

Pick up the moneybag that is right there. Walk to the other side of the tomb to pick up another one. Drop down to the level with the Spiv. Notice there is a small ladder there in case you are trying to climb up instead of drop down. At the other end of the tomb from the Spiv is a ladder leading down, but the drop is safe.

Once on the floor, you will find more skeletal mummies. Try to center on one at a time, and run if they attack together so you are not being hit by two at once. Standing on the tomb and shooting them is a valid approach to this encounter.

Enter the tomb and you will light your Torch and then light a torch on the wall. Next to you is another unlit torch, so light it. Go down the hall a little to find a fountain of rejuvenation to the right. Go down the hall a little more to find more skeletal mummies. Try setting them on fire with your Torch it should be a one hit kill if you are patient enough for them to burn.

You can find a green hand trapped along the wall. There is also a small opening in the wall in another part of the room. There is nothing you can do about all that now, so exit through the narrow doorway.

Light your Torch and go down the stairs. Light the torch on the wall to the left. Light the torch on the wall in the opposite corner of the room. This is not required, but it is nice to have light in the room.

You should see three stacks of green blocks. Pull the single green block away from the wall and to the center of the room. Then, push it up against the pair of blocks. Use the blocks as stairs so you can reach the Scroll of Sekhmet. Drop down.

Pull the single block to the center of the room and then push it to one side so it is out of the way. Grab the stack of two blocks and pull it away from the wall. This will reveal a skeletal mummy. Push the stack of two blocks up against the stack of three blocks. Then, push the single block against the stack of two blocks. Jump up them all to reach the Tablet of Horus. Drop down.

That takes care of two sides of the room. The third side is the stairs, so that only leaves the fourth side to explore.

Pull and push the single block and the stack of two blocks out of the way. Pull the stack of three blocks away from the wall to reveal another skeletal mummy. Push all three stacks of blocks up against the last wall so you can jump up all of them to the last area of this room. Take the Staff of Anubis and fight the last mummy dog. Drop down and exit this room.

Go down the stairs and go left to approach the first statute. Face its legs and give it the Scroll of Sekhmet. Go left and stand at the legs of the next statue. Give it the Staff of Anubis. Go left and stand at the legs of the last statue. Give it the Tablet of Horus. You now have a friend.


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