You think you're so clever don't you? Here you are Sir Clever Clogs, I grant you free passage through my maze - find your own way out!

– Jack of the Green, MediEvil

Jack of the Green is the master of riddles who claims the Asylum Grounds as his domain. Sir Dan had to answer all of his riddles in order to leave the maze garden.

The riddles

First riddle

At night they come without being fetched;
By day they are lost without being stolen.

Second riddle

I live for laughter,
I live for the crowd,
Without it I am nothing. 

Third riddle

Face like a tree,
Skin like the sea,
A great beast I be,
Yet vermin frighten me!

Fourth riddle

I tolerate the moon and stars,
I can't abide the sun,
Banish me with torch light
And you'll see me turn and run.



Jack manifests as a horned, stone face with glowing eyes. He is also covered in leaves.


Jack is quite arrogant and thinks himself very clever. When his riddles are solved he gets increasingly upset, though he still grants Sir Dan free passage through his maze after he is beaten.


Jack appears to exert a great level of control over the Asylum Grounds as he is able to open up new paths in its maze at will. He is also seemingly able to create physical manifestations of his riddles within it.

Behind the scenes


According to lead designer Jason Wilson, the team explored Green Man folklore around Cambridge when designing the Asylum Grounds level and the character of Jack.[1] Jack is named after Jack in the green, a participant in traditional English May Day parades and other May celebrations, who wears a large, foliage-covered, garland-like framework, usually pyramidal or conical in shape, which covers his body from head to foot.


In English, Jack of the Green was voiced by Paul Darrow, famed for his role of Kerr Avon in Blake's 7. Darrow also portrayed Zarok in the game.



  • Unlike the other Gargoyles in the original MediEvil, Jack lacked horns. This was remedied in the remake.


  1. "When designing this level we were very aware of many Green Man folk lore references around Cambridge."Jay Gunn on Twitter.

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