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This article is about the level. For the monster, see Iron Slugger.

Iron Slugger is a level and third boss fight in MediEvil 2. It is considered a part of the Dankenstein level.[1]


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Book 1 - The Noble Art of Pugilism

The noble art of pugilism as refined by the Marquis of Queensway. High and low "knuckle bruising" jab using PSB-S.png or PSB-X.png.

High and low "gut busting" hook PSB-T.png or PSB-C.png.

A block can be broken with a "jaw-buster" uppercut, R2.png and PSB-S.png or, "an overhead chop", R1.png and PSB-S.png.

Though generally frowned upon, for a crunching headbutt press PSB-S.png and PSB-X.png together.

For those of a cowardly nature, blocks can be performed R1.png, high, or R2.png, low.

Press L1.png to cycle through a selection of camera views.


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