IntroAV is the second FMV in MediEvil.


ZarokFMV.png Zarok
Zarok is a creepy, bitter and twisted soul who has vowed to conquer Gallowmere. He is petty and vain yet intelligent, terrifying and evil yet charismatic, tough and dangerous yet at times campier than a Caravan park. This ancient wizard has spent a century nursing his hatred of Fortesque.
MrFMV.png Mr. Mad
Mr. Mad was once a shy, gentle and educated man, but boy, how things have changed since his enchantment! This gibbering mess now staggers around rudely brandishing a large sharp axe, and yes, it seems he will use it at any given opportunity.
MrsFMV.png Mrs. Mad
This frumpy gal is a surprisingly fearsome opponent. Enchantment seems to have multiplied her strength tenfold and being smacked forcefully in the face with a frying pan is never a pleasant experience.
NellieFMV.png Nellie Mad
Never before in the history of Gallowmere has such a sweet little girlie presented such a terrifying menace to society - such is the dark power of Zarok's enchantment! Suffice it to say, her speedy jump attacks with hatchet are best dodged at all times.
ZombieFMV.png Zombie
Your common or garden zombie is a slow witted goon head of monumental proportions. It seems a shame to hurt such feeble minded weapon fodder, but they will likely insist on trying to bar one's progress and eat one's brains. A few well placed sword swipes are the order of the day, which should effectively teach them to mind their own business.



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